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Sales manager
More than 3 years experience in marketing management (adapter power industry preferred);
Familiar with the power industry development status, a certain source of customers and sales channels, to identify, find, tap potential customers; to lead the team to develop new customers, with excellent market expansion, project coordination,
Have rich experience in marketing planning;
Have strong management ability, interpersonal communication ability, judgment and decision - making ability;
Work meticulous, rigorous, with a high sense of responsibility; work enthusiasm, can withstand some work pressure;
Good verbal and expressive ability.

2. clerk
Requirements: Male / female, secondary or above, above 25 years of age, good communication skills and negotiation skills, can endure chargers, power adapter, digital, security industry experience for more than 1 year The

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3. Quality Manager
Male, college education, will operate EPR system, familiar with the factory ISO9001 quality management system, familiar with the quality management process;
Have good communication skills, ability to organize and solve problems; have a good professional ethics and professionalism, strong execution;
Can independently complete the quality of the internal inspection norms and other documents to develop.

Engineering Assistant
Requirements: 2, male, secondary or higher, with switching power supply or charger factory repair or engineering assistant job experience is preferred.
Please contact the Ministry of Personnel: 13603045685 (declined to sell)
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