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Notice of using mobile power products?
Time:2017-4-27 Read:
1, the output voltage range of mobile power supply, although some devices have USB interface, but also you need to use mobile power supply. However, you should pay attention to the input of your device
The voltage range, the universal voltage range of the movable power supply, is 5.3 -0.5v. If your device requires that the input voltage range is not within the range of the mobile power source, then,
It is recommended that you do not use the mobile power supply to power your equipment to ensure the service life of your mobile power supply.
2, USB connector must match, because all kinds of USB data line corresponding equipment is different. So, for the normal use of mobile power to power your device, use it
Matched USB data interface.
3, the mobile power supply environment, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in the dry, less air humidity environment, and humidity environment for all kinds of electrical appliances are saved
So, for the service life of your mobile power, please put the mobile power in a dry environment as much as possible.
4 、 always use your mobile power, charge and discharge the mobile power once a month, and use it regularly. The service life of mobile power can be improved to the maximum extent.
5, anti fall shock. Mobile power is in fact a weak part of the internal components not beat. In particular, to prevent the use of the process accidentally landing. Don't throw it away,
Tap or vibrate the power supply. Rough handling of the mobile power will damage the internal circuit board.
6. Protection against cold and heat. Don't put the mobile power in places where the temperature is too high. High temperatures shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy mobile power supplies, and deform or fuse some of the plastic parts
Of. Don't store the mobile power in a cool place, either. When the mobile power works in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will be formed in the mobile power source and destroyed
Circuit board。
7, strong chemical products. Do not use hot chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the mobile power supply. Remove the appearance of mobile power available cotton dipped in a small amount of free water stains
Fine scrub.
8, now a lot of people on the net have such doubt. Will the use of mobile power damage digital products such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras?. This, please rest assured.
Mobile power is only for convenience for all types of digital products power supply equipment, as long as you choose the regular manufacturers to produce mobile power, basically all types of handheld devices do not have
Any damage, but if you buy the cottage, the black workshop production of mobile power, it is difficult to say.
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