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When you buy a laptop, be sure to check out the power adapter
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Laptop computers are no more advanced technology now. They can be bought by most people. But when buying, we must pay attention to the quality of the problem. When you buy a laptop, you only need to look for a brand to buy, basically there will not be any quality problems, the key lies in the quality of computer accessories, this is the most attention should be paid to the problem.
As long as the laptop is a brand, there will be no problem, but the power part of the purchase must be very careful. The reason is very simple, because the notebook computer power supply if no good can bring you convenient to know notebook battery usage time is very short, up to two hours will be just full of battery consumption clean, so most people use notebook computer are the side of the plug in general use. This time we should pay attention to the extra laptop power adapter (also known as the laptop charger for power supply), the notebook computer is the most important place is the power adapter, so we should pay special attention to when purchasing notebook computer power adapter is the quality problem.
The main function is to 220V the power adapter power is converted to DC voltage to the notebook, the notebook computer is used to adjust the pressure, to adjust the voltage into the notebook computer, so it can work on the basis of security. Some companies in the sale of notebook computer directly take a power adapter that is special, but in fact it is not, they did not even consider the current power adapter used is not applicable to the working current of the laptop computer. So when buying a laptop computer we should first get to know what is the current and voltage for the laptop computer, then to observe the current voltage power adapter for two, if not the same thing as soon as possible to ask the sales staff to replace you, because if you use the power adapter to run this notebook computer it is easy to affect the life of the computer.
There is a quality problem, the suitable for the purchase of notebook computer, also want to ask where is the power adapter manufacturer, if Shenzhen Computime Technology Co. Ltd. the production, the quality does not have what problem, if it is never heard of small manufacturers then be careful. The general sales staff will tell you that the original allotment, so this time we ask to use time is long, be sure to buy to use time longer, so only when using the notebook computer more security.
For many people, the use of notebooks has become a very common thing, especially when many students go to college and must always carry their own notebooks. In the process of notebook development, there are many new situations, especially the emergence of super products, which makes the notebook's endurance greatly improved. But regardless of the extent to which the notebook's endurance increases, it has a close connection with the power adapter. And there are a lot of problems with using notebooks and power adapters, and today we're going to find some answers for them.
Many people have this question when using the power adapter, that is our notebook is the same, the power adapter is the same, why the power is relatively low temperature, and my power is very hot? In fact, this phenomenon is very common, notebook power adapter temperature is not due to its own decision, but in accordance with the situation we use the notebook decided. So, when our power is hot, don't always suspect that your power supply is broken. This is a very tricky idea, because the power adapter is usually very bad. The key is to see how your laptop is used. If you open too many applications, it will naturally increase the adapter's temperature.
When you use a laptop and a recurring problem, that is a lot of people in the use of the notebook will find his notebook voltage standard voltage and power adapter provided is often different, so many people have doubts that set the end will not lead to problems about notebook. In fact, this idea is still worrying. Because the standard voltage of the notebook tends to indicate the voltage of our battery, which is different from the voltage supplied by the adapter. Because the voltage supplied by the battery is very efficient DC, it is not necessary to design the voltage very high, and it is not necessary. The form of power supply is very complicated, and the voltage needs to be higher.
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