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Does the power adapter cause radiation to the human body?
Time:2017-4-15 Read:
Power adapter manufacturers believe that radiation is a hidden pollution, but it affects our health at all times. Many people have some concerns for the radiation problem of the power adapter, although power adapter will be fever sometimes, and direct access in the power grid of 220V, but the heat is not heat radiation, electromagnetic radiation generated by heat. Many good power adapters now have good radiation isolation, so they don't produce radiation.
The essence of electromagnetic radiation is that the electric field changes and the particles emit protons
Although the electromagnetic radiation has always been there, but in the last 100 years, the human is found before humans only know the existence of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, but did not think in the process of the induction in the material will be excited and emit energy. Electromagnetic radiation is not harmful to the human body, that is, and the voltage does not harm the human body, but the current produced by it will hurt people, radiation is just a kind of fluctuation. But this fluctuation causes some physical particles to react when passing through the body or air. present
Consider the nature of this reaction.
How the energy field causes the positive charge to produce, is actually the excessive energy causes the positive charge in the particle to be out of balance, because is too punctual, so there is a part of the electric charge overflow, this is the proton. Once the proton is out of circulation, it has electrical energy in itself, and the former substance is the radiation. The excitation of this electromagnetic wave requires a certain amount of energy.
Digital circuits are the killers of radiation
A lot of digital points are related to clock signals, which have a certain fluctuation, for example, CPU's frequency is actually a symbolic reflection when using a computer. Digital circuit work in the clock state, back to the shock, electromagnetic radiation is inevitable. This is also the cause of radiation like a cell phone or desktop computer.
The radiation generated by the charger is mostly thermal radiation of the circuit
The radiation generated by the charger is often caused by thermal radiation, which is now felt, for example, near the furnace where the person can feel the heat. The radiation is harmless to the human body.
As can be seen from the above power adapter does not produce radiation on the human body, but the power adapter manufacturer Jin Baotong technology this reminder: pregnant women and children in life or to avoid contact with the power adapter, charger and other electronic products in time.
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