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Mobile charger quick charge, the sooner the better?
Time:2017-4-27 Read:
In the hearts of the people, can fast charge is fast mobile phone charger, the sooner the better, in fact this is a misunderstanding, the theory is not wrong, the sooner the better, fast charge. This is the definition, but the fact is not the case, what kind of charger is fast charge? How should a fast charge be defined?
Fast charge, is referred to as a fast charger people often say, understand the significance of the fast charge, but also people do not want to be so simple, fast charge is relative to some mobile phone battery capacity is concerned, it should also take into account many factors, a mobile phone is the capacity of the battery itself, different mobile phone, mobile phone is different brand mobile phone battery capacity, which is not the same, in spite of all the output voltage of 5V, also can be filled, if the output current is not correct, also won't match the fast charging and better, of course, some people want to make a mobile phone fast charging, it is to choose 2.1A or 3A or more of the output current in fact, they do not know the charger, mobile phone charger, choose such blind is the indirect damage mobile phone battery, mobile phone can be used in the current general about 1A, is the best Choice。
There are people due to buy a charger, but available data line is not good, the charging speed is slow, and the mobile phone charger is still burning, thought not, and for the other charger, but never thought, have greater impact on the data line actually mobile phone charging head speed, who let now the market is so chaotic, regardless of price or quality, made extremely chaotic, not an amateur staff did not know, so often buy quality bad things.
Therefore, the definition of mobile charger quick charge has many factors, if you want a better choice, you have to look at this article, but the most important thing is to understand the charger fast charge some of the practical significance is more important.
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