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Do you know the harm of the charger for a long time?
Time:2017-4-15 Read:
A lot of people after the mobile phone charger for charging the mobile phone charger, in order to facilitate often placed in the socket, the next convenient charging charger, some even months do not pull down, in fact it is a lot of harm, so what's the harm? Following on from our technical staff J Computime technology for you to explain:
Now many people are used to let the charger stay on the terminal board, do not pull down, then this state in the end does not consume power? Will it cause radiation? In fact, the charger is not charging the state still connected on the wiring board, while the charger is not connected to a mobile phone or appliances, but the internal circuit board charger is with electricity, which is still "working state". Work conditions will certainly consume some electricity. Because even if the charger is not connected to the phone, its control circuit is also working, there will still be current through, although the amount is very small.
When the appliance from the pull down on the charger, the charger is in a break state, but some after the electric charger pull down, lights still lit, which in a certain range caused by the current loop, therefore, not only the state will cause unnecessary power consumption, but there is a big security risk.
Therefore, the charger must be inserted in the ventilation, easy to heat the place of charging, and at the same time to master the charger use time, do not "continuous combat", but not all day long charger inserted in the socket. When you leave the room for a long time, unplug the charger so as not to cause a fire. At the same time to choose the best quality charger.
During the frequent electricity charging socket in the mobile phone, the magnetic induction intensity around the 30 cm will reach 1400 without Gauss, the immune function of cells in the human body may therefore reduce the number, it will cause some damage to human health, so he suggested that human should be far away from the mobile phone charging socket 30 cm. To avoid, especially in the mobile phone charger when working on the bed.
Charger does not unplug, still power consumption. The maximum power consumption for mobile phone chargers is 308 mw. The charger does not pull out on the power socket, although the charger is not connected to the mobile phone, the circuit board inside the charger is connected with electricity, and is still in the working state, and still consumes power. According to the calculations, the power consumption of 100 MW is negligible for an individual, but if a family with mobile phones does not pay attention to these, the conclusion is very surprising.
Therefore, it is recommended that after charging the mobile phone, immediately turn off or unplug the power supply, and form a good habit of using electricity.
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