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How to maintain mobile power?
Time:2017-4-27 Read:
Whether mobile phones or other battery powered appliances, battery maintenance is the same. Battery maintenance is divided into nickel hydrogen, lead acid and lithium ion, etc., but not moving and fixed, nor brand
Or manufacturer.
The speed of the battery loss and the length of life depends on many factors, the quality and capacity of the battery is very important, as well as the intensity and frequency of use, and whether the maintenance is proper will affect the battery
Life span.
You can use the following principles:
(1) do not charge longer after full power (this is not very important, because the regular charger or charge on the computer is intelligent, full stop), especially the use of batteries
Universal charger or inferior charger
(2) when you charge the battery, try to use a special socket. Do not share the charger with the TV and other household appliances, especially the small capacity socket. This is not very important, because it is not very important
Current chargers are tolerant of voltage fluctuations and undervoltage charging.
(3) do not expose the battery to high temperature or cold
(4) don't make the battery excessively exhausted, remind the charging to recharge in time.
(5) do not use batteries for a long time.
(6) the battery should be completely discharged before its first use and then recharged
(7) a full charge discharge (non lithium battery) is guaranteed once a month
(8) try not to use the fast charge
(9) do not use a charger.
(10) try not to turn on the cell phone when charging (lithium battery is not a problem)
(11) if the mobile phone battery is not used for too long, it is better to apply to the mobile phone maintenance department for the battery to be ac
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